Powering Dating Connections with Responsible Generative AI

Our Commitment
Sparking meaningful connections is at the heart of what we do. As leaders in incorporating new and emergent technologies – everything from creating the digital dating category to the jump to mobile – we remain committed to delivering best-in-class apps and features to our users. We believe the recent advances in generative AI have the potential to be transformational, making it more seamless and engaging for users to participate in dating apps, providing tools to help users stand out and showcase their individuality, and further enhancing the safety and ease of use of our apps to welcome a broader range of users. While we are excited about this technology, we also are committed to taking a thoughtful approach to how AI will be used across our platforms, and we maintain a deep belief in ethical and responsible innovation. Below are the principles guiding our work in this field:

Our Principles


Developing features that enhance individual expression and the authenticity of human connections. Our AI work is rooted in helping users better showcase their personality and put their best foot forward in presenting themselves to potential matches. We want to increase user confidence in the connections that they make online and help them meet in real life. 


Generative AI technologies should not perpetuate harmful biases or unfair practices. As we continue to dive deeper into generative AI, we are being thoughtful on how we can layer in protections throughout our apps’ development lifecycles, such as regular audits and algorithmic adjustments.


Intent and outcomes are easy to understand. Dating is predicated on trust. As we bring new technology to the dating experience, we will seek to educate our members on its applications and highlight the features that utilize these technologies.  


Continually improving based on feedback and assessment of impacts. We're just at the start of our generative AI journey. We’re committed to tests, exploration, and development work alongside industry partners, third-party experts, and our communities, both before sensitive new features or tools are deployed and throughout their use.


Safer connections means better connections. In tandem with incorporating generative AI technology into our profile, discovery, and post-matching experiences, we’re committed to leveraging the latest advancements in our safety tools and features, while developing policies and investing in development that will help protect our users from AI-enabled risks and bad actors. 


Protecting the privacy, security, and personal data of our users. Data that we collect – including from our AI technologies – is only used to provide the best services possible for our users and communities. We do not sell user data to third parties, and we will be transparent about how we use data to improve generative AI outcomes.


Advocating for better experiences and outcomes. Fostering meaningful and engaging digital and real world connections is the foundation of our company. Our investments and innovation in generative AI are laser-focused on furthering that mission and improving the lives of our users around the world.