Oct 02 2020
Match Group Supports the Progress of the EARN IT Act
작성자 Match Group

With the bipartisan introduction of the EARN IT Act, Congresswoman Garcia and Congresswoman Wagner are sending an important message that more needs to be done to ensure that children are safe online. Match Group supports their efforts and looks forward to working with them to ensure this bill becomes law.

Match Group is committed to doing what it takes to end online sexual exploitation. We do our part by developing and improving our apps’ safety infrastructure and policies to ban and block underage users. But we understand that we need a whole-of-society approach to have the strongest effect on this insidious problem. That means working closely and conscientiously with nonprofit organizations like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, RAINN, Thorn, and Polaris in our Match Group Advisory Council. That means providing our users with resources to keep themselves safe. And that means supporting smart, tailored legislation.

That’s why we backed the EARN IT Act when it was introduced in the Senate by Senate Judiciary Chairman Graham and Senator Blumenthal in the spring. We think the bill’s creation of a commission of experts to draft best practices for companies to facilitate online child safety, enhancement of criminal law, update of terms, and additional resources for reporting take this fight to the next level. 

We are proud to be the first major tech company to support this legislation. We stand ready to roll up our sleeves to implement EARN IT when that time comes.