Dec 10 2021
Pairs Supports Dating in Japan with COVID-Safe Restaurant Partitions 
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After spending most of 2021 under some form of restrictions, the majority of Japanese singles (63%) say they are eager to date again, and restaurants are starting to see customers come back, according to a recent study from dating app Pairs.* 

To help ease these burdens and promote safer dating, Pairs has partnered with health experts to develop a unique partition that limits the spread of germs while allowing patrons to hear one another more clearly. The partitions will be distributed to up to 100 bars and restaurants around Japan, free of charge.

Pairs surveyed more than 4,500 Japanese singles in November, two months after Japan fully lifted its emergency phase. The results indicate that health and safety remain top concerns for Japanese singles, with 82% saying they want to date in places that are taking measures to prevent the spread of infection. 

As the country transitions to a new normal, Japanese singles are inclined to choose establishments that provide enough space for social distancing, have installed partitions to separate patrons, use advanced forms of ventilation, require masks, and sanitize regularly. 

At the same time, singles recognize these precautions come with certain trade-offs. Pairs’ survey found that 76% of singles say that certain types of partitions make it difficult to hear their date. They’re also viewed as a financial burden to bars and restaurants, which have already suffered financially from months of lockdowns and restrictions. 

Pairs took all of this into account when creating these new partitions to help Japanese singles to go out on better, safer restaurant dates. 

*Source: Pairs users research to 4,584 users (18-59), Nov 2021

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This press release is an abridged translation of the original Japanese press release.