Sep 06 2022
Tinder & Match Group Advocate for Passage of the ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act
작성자 Match Group

Today, Tinder & Match Group have launched a campaign to advocate for the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. This landmark legislation would protect the right to same-sex and interracial marriage, and would require federal government to recognize their validity. In July, the US House of Representatives passed this important legislation with broad bipartisan support. Tinder and Match are now calling on the United States Senate to do the same.   

As a company who has created more than 75 billion matches around the world, including helping millions of LGBTQIA+ people of diverse backgrounds find their partners, we consider passage of this legislation to be imperative, and strongly support its quick passage.

Read more about the issue HERE.

LGBTQIA+ members are the fastest growing group on Tinder, which is why starting today, alongside the Human Rights Campaign, we have launched an on-platform campaign to spotlight many of the LGBTQIA+ couples who met on Tinder. The content will direct people to a landing page where members can contact their Senators and encourage them to vote for the bill’s passage.

Read more about our support HERE

Over the last several years, Tinder has taken a strong and clear public position to defend human rights and people’s freedom to be their authentic self and love who they choose. Most recently, in June 2022, the company worked with the HRC to end the FDA’s discriminatory blood donor policy against men who have sex with men. And in 2019, Tinder rolled out Traveler Alert, a feature that helps members hide their profiles when they are traveling around the world in one of the countries that have laws effectively criminalizing LGBTQIA+ status.

Tinder and Match Group believe that the freedom to marry the person you love is a fundamental human right that must be federally protected for all adults, no matter their race, sexual orientation or gender identity. We stand with our LGBTQIA+ employees and members, and will continue to advocate for respect and positive change in our communities and our laws.