Feb 06 2024
Match Group Tells Users To Verify Their Profiles In Order To Go On More Dates
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On Safer Internet Day, Match Group Platforms Will Send A Coordinated Reminder To Users With Unverified Profiles, Encouraging Them To Photo Verify Their Profiles.

DALLAS, February 6, 2024 – Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH), the parent company of Tinder, Hinge, Match, and Plenty of Fish, announced the platforms will send users coordinated reminders to Photo Verify their profiles this Safer Internet Day. Beginning today, February 6, users across Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Meetic, BLK, Chispa, and Upward with unverified profiles will receive a push notification or message encouraging them to verify their account utilizing Photo Verification with a selfie video or the platform’s verification tools. As new users join the apps and returning users revamp their profiles for peak dating  season, these tools help confirm for potential matches that the photos on their profile match the person with the account. 

Verified profiles often receive better engagement, as these profiles encourage more informed decisions on dating apps and increase confidence in a potential match. At Hinge, users with profiles that are Selfie Verified go on more than 200% more dates globally than those with unverified profiles. On Tinder – in the 18-25 age group – being Photo Verified bumps up their chance to match by 10% as users feel more confident that their potential match is genuine and looks like their photos. 

"Verifying your profile is the easiest thing you can do to level up your dating game,” said Devyn Simone, Tinder’s Resident Relationship Expert. “Nobody wants to start flirting and then wonder if their new crush is a real person, so verifying your profile is the best way to help confirm you are the person in your photos. It’s so important to be safe when interacting with people online, and verified profiles are a huge green flag!"

In collaboration with Global Anti-Scam Organization, Match Group created a series of tips on how users can be safe on and off the platform. 

“Safer Internet Day is an important reminder for us all to be more responsible and aware of the way we interact online,” says Aileen Hsu, Head of Partnerships at Global Anti-Scam Organization. “We appreciate that Match Group is promoting safer online practices by encouraging unverified users across their platforms to verify their profiles. Together, we can help make these safe practices habits for users as we work toward making a safer digital experience for everyone.”

The tips encouraging safe practices for all online users, include:

  • Look out for verified profiles.
    • When you see a verified check on a potential match's profile, you'll know they've been Photo Verified, so they're really the person in their photos. You can also set up video chats before meeting up. If your date can’t do any of these things, it’s a red flag.
  • Don't send money to anyone you don't know.
    • Scammers may share investment advice or pull at your heart strings. No matter the request, never send money or personal financial info to anyone you meet online.
  • Choose a familiar, well-reviewed and/or public location to meet.
    • Meet for the first few times in a populated, public place. If your date pressures you to go somewhere private, end the date and report the person through the app you met them on.
  • Let a trusted friend or family member know where you are going and who you are meeting with.
    • Arrive at the location early to let a server or bartender know you’re meeting someone for the first time so that they can have your back.
  • Have a way there and back.
    • Be in control of your own transportation. As a backup, use a ride-share app.
  • Report any and all bad behavior, both online and IRL.
    • If something feels unsafe, report the person to local law enforcement or through the app you met the person on. If it is an emergency, get to a safe place and call 9-1-1. 
  • Keep all digital and physical evidence. Take screenshots of your conversations with your date before blocking the person and erasing the conversation history. 
    • Report the incident as soon as you can and seek support. You do not have to go through it alone.


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