Feb 22 2023
Match Group Partners with Ipsos on World's First Comprehensive Survey of Dating Trends

66% users report online dating results 'as good or better' than meeting offline 
Majority LGBTQ+ people (57%) have positive experiences with dates using dating platforms 
Ease of dating, large & diverse pools rank as top benefits of dating platforms
ID verification, reporting tools and access to emergency services are top safety asks from users

DALLAS, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Match Group, in partnership with leading third-party research firm Ipsos, released the industry's first Relationship Report – a representative, global study on dating trends and behaviors across genders, demographics, geographies and sexual orientations.

Ipsos independently surveyed 17,621 individuals across five representative regions – Germany, India, Japan, Turkey, and the U.S. – on how the rise of dating apps has fundamentally changed how people find and form relationships within their communities. The survey included people both with and without online dating experience to provide a comprehensive overview of perceptions of online dating and usage trends.

Read the full data report here: http://mtch.com/relationship-report

"Dating and relationships change lives in the most profound ways," said Bernard Kim, Match Group CEO. "We're incredibly proud to have played a part in millions of people's lives, using technology to make real, positive impacts in our communities, particularly in allowing our users to connect with a much wider and diverse group of people than in the past, and find their partners. We also understand the responsibilities that come with this role, and commit to raising the bar when it comes to ensuring equitable and safe experiences across our platforms in the years to come."


Dating apps are now a mainstream way to connect across the world, resulting in relationships that are just as strong and fulfilling – and often more so – than those that started offline. While countries are at different stages in terms of their adoption of dating apps and websites, digital natives find particular value and connections across markets.

  • Mainstream: Online dating is widespread across the globe, with half (49%) of singles saying they have tried dating apps and websites. Countries are at different stages of their online dating journey with Turkey and India leading on self-reported usage, due in part to demographic and cultural shifts that have led to wider dating app acceptance. Higher usage in India is also in line with more widespread use of online dating beyond singles, like parents looking for partners for their children.
  • Matching to Last: Those in a relationship who met their partner via a dating app or website are just as happy as those who met their partner offline.
  • Outcomes: Most adults who have 'ever used' dating apps and websites (66%) say that relationships which begin online are just as successful or even more successful than those that start offline. Additionally, 60% of adults surveyed who have 'ever used' dating apps or websites have either gone on dates or developed a relationship.


Across countries, people recognize many benefits to dating online and a majority (52%) agree that it has become more important since COVID-19. Benefits include:

  • Breaking Down Barriers: Respondents say the top benefits of dating apps and websites are a larger and more diverse pool to connect with, ahead of factors like being able to control the pace of how the connection develops and controlling the information you give about yourself.
  • Opening Their World: Respondents agreed that dating apps and websites allow you to meet people with different races and religions (62%), different views (61%), and different backgrounds (59%).
  • Diversity: In markets with more racial and ethnic diversity – the U.S. and Germany – daters are more likely to appreciate the ability to meet people across different backgrounds on dating platforms.


Half (47%) of LGBTQ+ people who have 'ever used' dating apps and websites say they find them to be successful, with a majority (57%) saying they have had positive experiences finding dates, in line with the general adult population. *Gen Z members who identify as LGBTQIA+ on Tinder have more than doubled in the last two years.

  • Online Dating is Central: LGBTQ+ adults in the U.S., Japan, and Germany are more likely to have 'ever used' dating apps and websites than the general population (46% vs 31%), emphasizing their importance for this group.
  • Dating Success: LGBTQ+ respondents also report positive and empowering experiences using dating platforms, with LGBTQ+ females under 30 years old in Germany (68%) and LGBTQ+ males over 30 years old in the U.S. (64%) reporting the most satisfaction with online dating matches.
  • Swiping Right: One in 10 LGBTQ+ people surveyed who are in a relationship say they met their partner online. **This trend is even more pronounced in 2022 data from Match Group, which found that Tinder accounts for 1 in 3 relationships among LGBTQ+ females in the U.S.


While the report outlined many of the opportunities presented with online dating, they also highlighted some unique challenges, particularly in the area of safety.

  • State of Safety: Seven in 10 people who use dating apps and websites say they have had positive experiences in terms of their safety and security.
  • Experience Improves Perceptions: On average across countries surveyed less than half (40%) of the general population say that dating apps and websites are safe. But that figure rises to 57% among those who have used these platforms, and to an even greater extent (75%) among those who are currently in a relationship that started online.
  • Solutions: Dating platform users agree that implementing additional measures would make it safer, with the top asks for safety features being: member ID verification (73%); reporting tools within the app for inappropriate behavior (72%); and access to emergency services & safety products within the app (70%).


This report is based on research conducted by Ipsos UK between June 10 and July 5, 2022. The survey was an online self-completion survey of 17,621 adults conducted in five countries: Germany, India, Japan, Turkey, and the U.S. The main sample was adults aged 18-75 in the U.S. (2,344), Germany (2,161), and Japan (2,201), adults aged 18-65 in India (2,000), and adults aged 18-55 in Turkey (2,000). The main sample data has been statistically weighted to the known adult population proportions for age by gender, region, and working status within each country; for the U.S. the sample was also weighted on income. In addition, the study included 'boost' over-sampling of the following demographic groups: 'singles' (U.S., Germany, Japan, India, Turkey), adults identifying as LGBTQ+ (U.S., Germany, and Japan only), adults identifying as being from an ethnic minority (U.S. only).

*2022 Tinder registration data

**2022 Match Group online survey

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