Jun 11 2024
Ryoma Yamamoto, CEO of Pairs operator Eureka, Inc., represents Leading Japanese Dating Apps at "TOKYO Marriage Support Meeting" hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Written by Match Group

(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryoma Yamamoto) Ryoma Yamamoto, CEO of Eureka Inc., the company behind Pairs, attended the first "TOKYO Marriage Support Meeting" hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on June 10 in his capacity as Representative Director of the Marriage Support Project, an association made up of Japan’s leading matchmaking app operators (hereinafter referred to as MSPJ). In the kickoff meeting, participants exchanged views with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike on how Tokyo can support singles looking for love and marriage.

To “create a society where diverse individual choices can be fulfilled,” the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is taking steps to support its citizens at every life stage: from meeting potential partners and starting to date, to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The "TOKYO Marriage Support Meeting" is a new initiative launched by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government bringing together organizations such as matchmaking apps, marriage agencies, wedding venues, and other wedding-related groups to discuss efforts to boost support and momentum for matchmaking and marriage across society as a whole, so that people who are hesitant about dating or getting married can find the courage to take the first step. Going forward, meetings will be held twice a year, and there are plans to launch subcommittees for specific themes including matching apps. 

The kickoff meeting on June 10 was attended by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, representatives from MSPJ, the Japan Marriage Introduction Council, the Bridal Institutional Association, and Future Wedding Japan, totaling eight participants. Each organization introduced their initiatives and shared their views on ways to support singles hoping to marry. MSPJ introduced its main initiatives, which include:

  1. Raising awareness of the third-party IMS certification and encouraging MSPJ affiliate member companies to obtain the certification;
  2. Formulating, implementing, and adhering to guidelines such as the MSPJ Seven Promises and guidelines for TV and radio commercials;
  3. Regularly holding meetings of the MSPJ’s Working Group for Knowledge Sharing on Safety Measures to share best practices and knowledge among member companies, to strengthen measures against fraudulent accounts across the industry; and
  4. Sharing information with relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

MSPJ also proposed collaborating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on specific initiatives aimed at helping individuals achieve their desires for love and marriage. Suggestions included creating an environment conducive to fostering romantic relationships and raising awareness and understanding of IMS certification among users of matchmaking apps, their families and friends, as well as local governments in Tokyo.

The meeting was streamed live on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's official YouTube channel, and an archived recording is available to the public.

In the future, MSPJ will continue to participate in meetings hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to boost interest and understanding in matchmaking and marriage.

Summary of the 1st General Meeting of the "TOKYO Marriage Support Meeting"
Date and Time: Monday, June 10, 2024, 17:15-17:45 Japan Standard Time
Location: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Conference Room
Agenda: Initiatives to increase the momentum for matchmaking and marriage in society as a whole


     Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo
     Japan Marriage Introduction Council (JMIC)
     Marriage Support Project (MSPJ)
     Bridal Institutional Association (BIA)
     Future Wedding Japan (FWJ)

About the Marriage Support Project (MSPJ)
Name: General Incorporated Association, Marriage Support Project (MSPJ)
Summary: The Marriage Support Project (MSPJ), a general incorporated association whose members comprise major matchmaking app operators, aims to promote the healthy development of the matchmaking app industry while also contributing to addressing the pressing issue of Japan’s declining birth and marriage rates.

List of Directors (as of June 11, 2024)  

     Representative Director: Ryoma Yamamoto, CEO, Eureka, Inc.
     Representative Director: Yuta Iizuka, Director, Tapple, Inc.
     Director: Akito Igarashi, CEO, with, Inc.
     Director: Yoshiki Imai, CEO, Omiai, Inc.
     Auditor: Jun Ikouga, General Manager, Business Administration Division, Tapple, Inc.
     Advisor: Hiroya Masuda, Former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications

Established: May 20, 2015

Secretariat Address:  Ginza Kobikicho Building 7F, Ginza 8-18-1, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan

List of Member Companies (12 companies as of June 11, 2024) 

Executive Member Companies

     With, Inc.
     Eureka, Inc.
     Omiai Co., Ltd.
     Tapple, Inc.

Affiliate Member Companies

     Isaac Co., Ltd.
     MG Japan Services GK
     GoFresh k.k
     Next Level Inc.
     Mrk & Co
     Recruit Co., Ltd.

MSPJ Official Website: https://kekkon-konkatsu.jp/ 

About Pairs https://www.pairs.lv/ 

Pairs is one of Japan’s leading dating and marriage matching apps, exceeding 20 million cumulative total registrations since its launch in 2012 (as of April 2022). The “2023 Survey on the Actual Usage of Matching Services and Apps” published by Mobile Marketing Data Labo in last October found that Pairs is the most widely used matching service/app in Japan (https://mmdlabo.jp/investigation/detail_2268.html).

About Eureka Inc. https://eure.jp/ 

As the operator of the dating and marriage matching app "Pairs," Eureka strives to offer a service that people will fondly remember as having changed their lives for the better. The company's vision is to create opportunities for individuals to meet their true loves and to establish a culture of dating services in Japan and Asia. Eureka hopes that Pairs can help create a society where as many people as possible can achieve the life they desire.

Eureka was founded in November 2008 and launched Pairs in October 2012. In May 2015, the company was acquired by Match Group, a US company listed on NASDAQ and a global leader in online dating services.

This press release is an English translation of the original Japanese press release.