May 01 2023
Romance Scam Campaign
Written by Match Group

Over the last several years romance scams have grown in popularity. Match Group has taken steps to help prevent and warn users of potential scams or fraud using AI tools to detect words and phrases and proactively intervene. We have also implemented various ways to warn users of potential scams or fraud, from in app features to in-app education, and popup messages. To help further educate users on how to protect themselves on our apps  as well as  any online platform, we partnered with law enforcement and cyber crime investigators around the world to create a consumer education campaign on the different types of scams and how to identify common behaviors. 


Stay on the app as long as possible

Scammers will attempt to get you on to another platform quickly which can be a common flag for these types of scams. Stay on the app when getting to know a new connection. If the match wants to move platforms but still does not want to meet up or video call it is a red flag.


Use the tools available in app

Make sure to verify your profile with Photo Verification and also look out for the verification check on your matches to help confirm they are the person in their profile pictures. You can also set up video chats before meeting in person to confirm your match is the person you’ve been talking to. If your date can’t do any of these things, it’s a flag.


They’re a 10 but a crypto expert

Hard pass. If a new love interest is giving you crypto or investment advice, there is a high probability that it’s a scam. Always report these interactions back to the platform where you met.


The promise of a big return of investment or help secure financial future

According to experts, scammers will use techniques to focus on how a large sum of returns could improve your life or what you could do with this new money. Be skeptical of anyone who appears to be wealthy and successful and wants to teach you how to invest and make money.


They may play on your heart strings and appear to be desperate

Scammers often claim they need money for a Visa, customs fees, surgeries, family medical bills, car repairs or plane tickets to visit. If they appear desperate and money is involved, this should be a giant red flag.


Scams can look different and constantly evolve. Keep your guard up and stay vigilant

Online scams have evolved as online platforms have become more accessible and gained popularity. Scammers can also play the long game and don’t just come out and ask for money when first getting to know someone. They often don't start talking about finance until months later after they've gained your trust. As a rule it’s best to never send or receive money via a wire transfer, money order, currency exchange, gift card or investment with someone you’ve never met in person.. Not for any reason. Ever.