May 12 2023
Match Group Announces Tech Coalition Membership
Written by Match Group

Match Group today announced it is the newest Tech Coalition member. The Tech Coalition brings together technology leaders from around the globe to all work together to combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation.  

“Each new member that joins the Tech Coalition strengthens their individual efforts and our collective capacity to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online,” said Sean Litton, Executive Director of the Tech Coalition. “We are pleased to welcome Match Group as we continue this important work to keep young people safe when they engage and connect online.”

By joining the Tech Coalition, Match Group will work with child safety expert organizations, including End Violence Against Children, NCMEC, Thorn, and WeProtect Global Alliance, and support research efforts to understand the space better. We also look forward to being active participants in Tech Coalition working groups to innovate alongside industry peers and exchange ideas and best practices. Collaboration is critical to keeping young people safe in the digital world, and we are looking forward to joining the industry-wide effort. At Match Group, safety is a fundamental part of our dedication to healthy and enjoyable connections. By learning from our interactions with regulators, advocates, survivors, and other stakeholders, we are taking tangible steps toward creating a safer and more positive environment for our users. 

Read more about our safety policies and how we work with safety experts on our Advisory Council Board to help ensure our platforms are safe.