Nov 03 2023
Match Group's 2nd Annual Global Giving Day
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Match Group's 2nd Annual Global Giving Day

Match Group is set to launch their 2nd Annual Global Giving Day on November 28! This ambitious initiative will span multiple continents, uniting team members from New York to Seoul in a collective effort to make a positive impact on the world. Last year, inaugural results set a high bar - employees dedicated over 800 hours volunteering for various causes. Match Group is determined to once again demonstrate the power of a global team coming together for a shared purpose.

Global Giving Spotlight Series:

To foster a culture of giving leading up to Global Giving Day, Match Group initiated the Global Giving Spotlight Series. This series was designed to shine a light on the efforts of the company's team members who are passionate about various causes and are involved in giving back to their communities. Each week, Match Group is featuring an employee who is committed to making a significant difference, demonstrating our collective impact across the globe. 

Here are just a few employees spotlighted this year:


DV Williams - Chief People Officer, Match Group

Cause: Chicago Scholars Foundation

“Currently, I support the Chicago Scholars Foundation (CS). CS gives high achieving students in high school and college an unparalleled opportunity to 

have exposure to resources, tools, and a network that can change their course of their lives. I am very passionate about mentoring and giving back to the next generations as a thank you for all of the support I have been given over the years.

As a mentor, I continue to be impressed by the caliber of student the program works with and the confidence they help the participants build. My favorite experience from volunteering is watching these students move into their professions, become successful, and move from mentee to mentor - continuing the work of the program and impacting lives. ”


Lauren Graham - Sr. Manager of Tax Reporting and Compliance, Match Group

Cause: Habitat for Humanity

“I've volunteered with Habitat on and off throughout my life, but found a renewed love for it as a way to carry on the legacy of our former SVP, Shan Luton. Shan was a pillar in my career over the span of 12 years and 3 companies until his passing in 2022 and served on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity of Collin County for multiple years.

The Tax Department volunteered at the Cotton Groves build July of 2022 in memory of Shan’s birthday. His wife and kids joined us; it was so meaningful to work side by side with them in his honor.”


Michael Kaye - Brand and Communications Director, Archer
Cause: Human Rights Campaign


“Growing up in a Jewish household and school, we constantly talked about tikkun olam (the commitment to making the world a better place) and tzedakah (the Hebrew word for charity, donations, or philanthropy). My parents always made me donate books, clothes, and toys I no longer needed, and my school brought us to hospitals and senior centers to volunteer. As an adult, I made it a point to commit time outside the office to volunteering. 

In 2018 I joined the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, as a digital communications volunteer on the Greater New York team. Later that year I became Steering Committee Co-chair, and I eventually joined the Board of Governors. I spent more than 5 years with the HRC, and today I’m part of the Federal Club as a monthly donor. It’s also really important to me to donate to organizations who are doing incredible work. I’ve recently donated to and fundraised for the ACLU, Black Girls Code, Campaign Zero, Equal Justice Initiative, Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, NAACP, and Planned Parenthood.”


Lauren Cooper - Sr. Safety Marketing Manager,  Match Group

Causes: Spence-Chapin and Foster-America

“I am really proud to be a Korean-American Adoptee and former foster child, which is why I support Spence-Chapin, an adoption agency in New York City. What I love about Spence-Chapin is that it later gave me a life-changing scholarship to live in South Korea for six weeks. During that time, I volunteered at a foster home. I even got to care for a young girl who shares the same name my birth mom gave me.

I loved getting to know the children in the foster home. I don’t speak Korean and many of them didn’t speak English, but somehow we built this beautiful way of communicating. The caretakers at the home were extremely loving and kind, and so warm and motherly. I thought my heart would break being there but to see how loved they were made it a little easier.

It was only through the generosity of donors that I was able to have that experience.”


Jared Sine - Chief Legal Officer, Match Group

Causes: Church and Brigham Young University 

“We do a lot of volunteering for our church, which is connected to the university. A couple of years ago, we went down to Houston following the hurricanes. We went door to door to homes that had been underwater for several days. We ripped out drywall and helped people try to get their homes in order for the next phase of repair work. We were with families who had really struggled and were looking for support and didn’t know where that support would come from. A year or two ago, as a family, we went down to Belize for Christmas and partnered with an organization that donates shoes to underprivileged children. We took 10 crates of shoes down with us, we painted a school, and we had a line of about 200 kids who came through. We coordinated with the schools in advance to make sure we had the right sizes. It was fun for us as a family and fun for the kids. 

This is the most important work we can do with our kids. Most of us live in pretty comfortable circumstances, no matter how challenging life here in the US is. I think it’s important to take your kids to see the way the rest of the world lives. They learn appreciation and how to connect with other people. You’re setting up the foundation for them to look for opportunities to serve and give back.”