Jan 15 2021
CEO’s Note on Politics and Respect
Verfasst von Match Group

At Match Group, we create dating apps to spark romantic connections, and we spend our days thinking of better ways to bring people together. But we know we’re not insulated from the divisive, politically-charged atmosphere that is dominating headlines and conversations. That’s why we want to communicate clearly about where we stand.

With our policies and products, we strive to reflect the most inclusive aspects of our society. We welcome people of all backgrounds on our apps, regardless of race, gender identification, sexual orientation, faith tradition, or political affiliation. 

We strongly encourage our members to vote because we think it’s an important civic duty. However, we never advocate for any political party or candidate. We don’t have a Political Action Committee, we don’t allow partisan political ads, and we embrace diverse viewpoints from our member base and our employees. 

To support a welcoming environment, we ban all content that promotes hatred or violence as well as any individuals associated with that kind of activity. We work with outside experts to define hate speech and identify hate groups, and we continually update our guidelines based on their recommendations. 

Anyone who promotes or incites violence is not allowed on our products. We have, and will continue to ban any users wanted by the FBI in connection with domestic terrorism from all of our brands, and we always cooperate with law enforcement in their investigations. Hate has no place on our apps.

We believe in the promise of a strong, unified world, but we know it will take time to get there. We’ll be the change in the world we want to see, one connection at a time.