Dec 12 2023
Match Group Signs UK’s Online Fraud Charter
Verfasst von Jared Sine, Chief Legal Officer

Match Group has joined the UK’s Online Fraud Charter, with the pledge to foster a safer and more secure online environment. The company’s decision to sign the Charter demonstrates its  continued dedication to disrupting the digital ecosystem and working to prevent online fraud. 

Over the last few years, Match Group has created policies and put measures in place to defend against online fraud, and by signing the Charter, the company joins other leading tech companies to coordinate efforts together across online platforms. 

Online fraud techniques are constantly evolving, and the Charter allows for better and more consistent cooperation between the private sector, government, and law enforcement to combat this growing criminal activity. Match Group is pleased to be part of this first of its kind initiative and we are committed to continue doing our part to disrupt fraud and build trust on our platforms. 

The Online Fraud Charter is voluntary and part of the UK’s larger Fraud Strategy, which first launched in May 2023. Match Group and other voluntary participants will work with the government and implement actions outlined by the Charter based on application. These collective actions brought together under this Charter will be hugely beneficial in the ongoing work to prevent online fraud and mitigate the impacts of fraud activity such as theft, extortion, and other forms of abuse. 

We also recognize there’s work we must do to help online users be safe when connecting with others – either on our platforms or on another online platform. That’s why Match Group has rolled out education campaigns aimed at educating our users and all online users, helping remind them of ways they can protect themselves from online fraudulent scams. 

Additionally, brands across Match Group have taken proactive steps to help prevent and warn users of potential scams or fraud, from the introduction of new product features like selfie verification and video chat, to sending popup messages with safety tips if certain language is detected in conversations between users. 

We remain committed to doing our part to help keep users safe and working across platforms in an effort to enhance online safety for everyone around the world.